Offsite Canape Menu Options

Orders under $500.00 are drop off only.
Orders over $500.00 include chef and food wait staff.

Canapés $3.50 per canapé
  • Nelson scallop on spicy pumpkin GF
  • Spicy prawn on lemon cream GF
  • Cream herb cheese with kumara chip V GF
  • Spicy mussel presented in the shell GF DF
  • Pink roast lamb with local blackcurrants & olive salsa DF
  • Hot smoked salmon with honey mustard dressing GF DF
  • Beef fillet with onion marmalade DF



Function Menus

Offsite Substantial Canapés

Our substantial canapes can be a meal substitute depending on number required.

Offsite Platters

Our platter options can be mixed and matched with any of our menus or delivered just on their own.

Offsite Informal Drop Off/Pick up Package:

The menu options available below are suited to the smaller more simple function where we supply the food and you do the rest.

Offsite Take Away Salads

Offsite Buffet Menu Selection

We have a variety of Buffet menus available to suit every budget. If you would like to create a menu of your own please feel free to discuss your ideas with us.

Offsite BBQ Buffet

Offsite Set Menus Served to Your Guests

Our set menu packages are very flexible and vary according to the local seasonal produce available. We are happy to create menus to suit your specific requirements. Pricing is based on alternate drop or pre-orders. Choice on the night is available at an additional cost.